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The free financial plan service is done in general public interest. Fpguru.com is not liable for any consequences arising out of you acting on it. Fpguru.com may refuse to offer the service to anyone with/without any reason.

A Financial Plan is a broad-based direction to your cash inflows and outflows over a period of time. Your future financial condition may considerably improve due to income growth and investment returns which may prompt you to alter some aspects of your goals and add new goals. Therefore this Financial Plan and the life cashflows depicted in it should be used to give you a long term direction for managing your personal finances and for taking immediate actions as a step towards accomplishing your financial objectives.

These recommendations are given for your benefit only and are subject to review at the time of placement of your investments because circumstances, law and economic conditions can change. If more than four weeks have elapsed since the date of this plan, you should not act on any specific recommendation without further consideration.

Returns from each recommended investment will vary in line with market conditions and investment policies of the fund manager. Income and growth assumptions are intended as a guide only and should be treated with caution. No warranty is given for the accuracy of the same. Most equity/ growth investment are long term in nature and significant variations including capital loss, may occur over shorter periods. Neither the authorized representative nor the firm guarantees the performance or return of capital on any of these investments.

These recommendations are based on the information you have supplied. If any material information has been withheld or any inaccurate, these recommendations could prove to be inappropriate for you.


We have made every attempt to ensure that the calculations contained in this Financial Plan are correct and complete, nevertheless kindly note that there is constant manual-computer interface involved in making the calculations due to which inaccuracies could arise. We expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors. In the case where an error or omission is involved, you can request us to rectify the error or omission.


Disclosure of Market Risk

Performances of investments are subject to market risks. Past performances of the same may not be the true indicator of their performance in future.


Articles & comments written by the writers are of their personal views. Fpguru.com does not endorse any of them & is not liable for any consequences arising out of you acting on it.

Answers under AskFpguru are made in general public interest. The answers should not be implemented without consulting your personal financial advisor. Fpguru.com is not liable for any consequences arising out of you acting on it.

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