Say “Shree Ganesha” and make your financial plan today!


‘Ganesha’ is the God of wisdom, success and courage. He is reputed to be a remover of obstacles he is propitiated before starting any new venture like business or industry, the beginning of a journey or building of a new house. The form of Sri Ganesha is a good example of symbolism that one can perceive in life to attain financial wellness and prosperity. Different parts of his body convey a message. We at will show you how one can apply it in financial planning.


Small Eyes- The small eyes of Ganesha, conveys to concentrate and focus on your financial goals which you have determined as per your financial situations in mind. The only way to create realistic goals is to sit down, concentrate and identify your priorities, and determine what it will take to make that happen.

Large Ears/small mouth- Always save more and spend less. This discipline can definitely help you achieve those most desired financial goals like retirement, daughter' wedding , etc. as saving and investing every month little by little can lead to accumulation of a bigger amount in future.


Large stomach- It teaches you to peacefully digest good or bad financial experiences and learn from them.

Big head- The big head of Ganesha symbolizes ‘to think big’. Always see a larger picture of any situation. A penny saved today may turn into a very big amount in future. Also don’t just focus in investments or tax-saving. Financial planning is also about insurance, goal planning, debt management & estate planning.

One tusk- One must retain the good investments and throw away the bad ones. Evaluate and examine your investments to take an efficient financial decision.

Trunk- The trunk represents high efficiency and adaptability to review and adjust the investment assets as per the situations from time to time. Financial planning is not a one-time endeavor or piecemeal approach to financial decision making. It is an ongoing, continuous process that looks at the total financial situation, and makes adjustments that are appropriate for the changes in life.

Ganesha’s wisdom and judgment, his ability to solve problems and remove obstacles, his capability as a communicator, his goal-orientation and his adaptability can inspire one and all to conceive these qualities in the process of making a financial plan.

On this auspicious day of ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ why don’t you make your financial plan and let lord Ganesha guide you towards financial freedom throughout your life!

“You having the twisted trunk and the massive body, with the dazzle and light of millions of suns, Lead me on a path of financial wellness that has no obstacles, Clearing the way in all that I do, ever and always”…

By Disha Keyur Shah
The writer is working with as a para-planner


+2 #1 Riddhi Agarwal 2011-09-07 06:10
Excellent article !

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