What should I do to secure my family's future?


Dear Fpguru,

I am 28 and earning Rs 1 Lac per month as a marketing manager. I got recently married and my wife is also working. How should I invest my money so that I can secure my family's future?








Dear Bipin,

We thank you for visiting our website & asking us a question. Investments are primarily made with respect to your family’s needs and wants. In order to determine where to invest you must be sure of your financial goals and time horizons of each of these goals. Since you recently got married we can assume your most important goals may be purchasing a house, your children’s education, their marriage and most importantly your retirement.  The time horizon for each of these goals will determine your investment strategy and asset allocation.


Ideally, for goals within 1 year you must invest in liquid assets, for goals up to 5 years in debt instruments and for goals with a time horizon of more than 5 years, you can invest in equities.


Another determinant of your investments will be your ability to undertake risk as each individual will differ thus each ones allocation strategy will be different.


Securing your family’s future needs proper insurance planning along with investments. The best option there would be buying a term life insurance plan for yourself, so as to protect your dependents in case of sudden demise. Medical insurance should also be taken for any medical contingencies of the family.


Hence we cannot provide you specific advice with the limited information provided. However you should attempt the same by making a financial plan. We at fpguru.com make free financial plans and we could provide you better insight through the same.


Hope this solves your query!






0 #2 Seema 2011-09-16 15:28
good job..
thanxx for the infomation
0 #1 rahil 2011-09-16 15:26
very well answered!!!

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