This Dussera let us eradicate the demon of Financial illiteracy from our minds!


Every individual is a master at his own game, but not everyone can understand the jargon and the complexities that come with the term ‘personal finance’. A subject difficult to comprehend, but a necessary requisite today to build one’s wealth and protect one’s family from financial burdens. So this Dussera, together let us eradicate the devil of our mind – financial illiteracy and move towards being financially literate., is India’s first website solely dedicated to financial planning. Its main aim is to spread financial enlightenment. We stress on writing articles in a language which can be understood by everyone. We try to explain complex ideas in a manner such that each one can take learning from. A way to ensure people do the right thing is to explain to them the idea behind the right thing. Hence we ensure each of our articles can be understood and implemented by anyone and everyone. We also provide you with answers to your queries so as to ensure, no one stays in doubt about matters relating to their hard earned money. Worried about a certain insurance plan, wondering where to invest your surplus amounts, we at help you to understand the same.

With the Indian economy growing at great speed, the need for accurate financial planning is further stressed on. People’s income is increasing, however so is there expenditure. Owing to approx. 7% p.a. inflation over the last few years, more and more funds are required with each passing year. As a result, having adequate money to meet future goals becomes difficult unless each of them has been planned for well in advance. We at help you understand how to achieve your financial goals without breaking a sweat by making a comprehensive plan personally for you. Right from analyzing your current financial situation, your investments analysis, to providing you solutions to achieve your goals and protecting your families from any financial shortfalls, the planning covers it all. believes in not just giving you the fish but teaching you how to fish. We work towards enlightening one and all about the complexities of the financial world. Our aim is to help people achieve financial nirvana. Over the coming year we will be coming up with many more novel ways to do so. We ask you to keep visiting us for updates. So this Dussera let us join together in this mission and eradicate the devils in our minds. Let us be financially literate!


The article has been written by Shalmali Kulkarni.

The writer is working as a para-planner with

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